Different Types of Slots


These are the machines that accepts multi-coin bet, you are able to play with one coin to five coins and in some cases you can also play more than that. The size of the winning combination is also in direct proportion, it means if you use 2 coins the winning dollars will also be doubled. Jackpot is just an exception to this. Now days you do not see single coin machines in the casinos.

Multipliers with wild symbols

There are multiple-coin machines that have a “wild” symbol among the others. Wild symbol can be used as a substitute to any other symbol. For example if you have two lemons on two reels and the third reel shows a wild symbol then you have a winning combination of three bars instead of two bars. These wild symbols have added much excitement to slots game. These multipliers with wild symbol machines are very much popular.

Multiple pay-line slots or multi-liners

When you look at those slots you will find certain payoff lines instead of traditional ones. There are normally three payoff lines where one is in the middle and one above it and below this middle line. If you want to put all the three lines in action you have to use three coins instead of one.


This machine has just one payoff line. They are multiple-coin machines with the different winning combinations that depend on the size of the bets. If you just play one coin you can win jackpot and some other big combination.


These progressives are nothing more than multiple-coin machines with a jackpot determined by a number of coins got from the players since the last time it was hit. So this will change the jackpot amount to change with every single coin being played. Jackpot is shown as a total dollar amount usually displayed on the top of the machine.