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There are many online websites available where you can play the Online Craps by sitting home. You may also find the casino guide where you can play the Online Craps against the house. In Online Craps that is played against the house two dice are used. Your progress in the game depends on the outcome of your first throw of dice.

The first throw that you make is called as ‘come’ and if the result of that throw is a total of two, three or twelve then it is known as ‘Craps’ and if you have a ‘pass’ bet than you have to lose that. If you throw the dice first time and the total becomes seven or eleven then it is known as ‘natural’ roll and you will win the pass bet. If any other number comes on the dice than it will become a point, and then the dice has to e thrown again and then might be point number come up again or number seven comes up, at which case the round is over. There are different types of bets which you can play against the house some of them are, ‘come bet’, ‘pass line bet’, ‘don`t come bet’, ‘place bets’.

When you play in tournaments the set of rules is different as in this case you are not playing against the house. The Online Craps rules are different for different websites so when you have decided to participate and play the Online Craps on some website then it is must that you check the terms and conditions of that site before signing up and playing. These terms and conditions basically defines the rules like how much you have to pay for playing a tournament, and how many games you have to play in this tournament and what will be the prize money at the end. You must not have to pay a huge amount of money to any Online Craps tournament websites before practicing with some of the websites which offers you free tournament participation. Here you can improve you game and also get to know the major differences between normal ‘against the house’ craps and the tournament.

Most of the rules of the Online Craps version are same like the real world casino except one fundamental difference. The fact is that in Online Craps you do not throw the real dice but you just pick the random number generator to attain your score. So because of this it is advised that you play with some of the reputable website because you get your score through random number generators, and in worst case these numbers can be fixed. You do not have to face these issues on big reputable sites. This is the game of chances don`t play if you do not afford to lose.